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Zoo safety managers address many potential safety issues, with the ultimate goal of keeping people and animals safe. Large crowds visit zoos every day, so a safety manager must have plans to protect the public. They work to keep visitors safe while they are in the park, and during emergencies like flood, fire, tornado or dangerous animal escape. Safety managers also work to protect employees. They pay attention to general workplace safety issues, but several zoo jobs are inherently dangerous and require very focused consideration. Animal keepers often have to traverse very tricky terrain or work directly with dangerous animals like lions, gorillas or elephants. Safety managers can help develop protocols on the safest practices for working in these environments and around these animals. Aquarists (animal keepers at aquariums) frequently have to work underwater. So aquariums usually have dive safety officers on staff to ensure that those employees are properly trained. Safety managers must constantly think about and imagine ways to handle unimaginable situations!

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