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A common mistake people make when searching for zoo careers is that they limit their potential for being hired by looking only for opportunities with their favorite species or at only one facility. You should apply for EVERY job for which you have the requisite skills. Having experience working with a wide variety of species may greatly increase the chances that you will qualify for an opportunity. Likewise, if you can be flexible with where in the country you are willing to work, you may find more prospective facilities where you could start your career. Exploring a multitude of career paths and finding volunteer or internship opportunities in those disciplines can be a great way of expanding your horizons in the complex world of zoo, aquarium and exotic wildlife facility professions.

To find out more about specific job opportunities, visit the websites of accredited zoos, aquariums, or exotic wildlife facilities in areas where you are willing to work. Check out AMZAP's job postings for current openings in facilities in the United States.

Pei -Chih Lee (left) assists with semen collection from an endangered Amur tiger.

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