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Zoos are very expensive facilities to operate. Animal diets can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. The price tag for a single new enclosure could easily come in at 20 million dollars. Conducting research and supporting in-situ (in the wild) conservation efforts can be extremely costly as well. These are just a few of the high-priced needs zoos have and revenue generated from entry fees, popcorn and stuffed animal sales just can’t cover the full bill. Those who specialize in fund raising ask people to help provide the financial muscle that truly keeps the zoo moving forward. They seek out and encourage businesses and individual donors to make gifts in amounts large and small. They help people truly understand the importance of the zoo’s work and how their donations can make all the difference. Fund raising specialists have many types of academic backgrounds including business, communications, finance, biology, and more, but all have an affinity for animals and conservation!

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