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AMZAP recognizes and salutes teachers, school guidance counselors, career counselors, academic advisors and other educators who have the important task of helping students navigate the complex world of career choices. This important role must be difficult when you have a student who shows interest in an uncommon field such as exotic animal care and conservation.

You may have questions about our field such as: Are there schools or degree programs that focus on exotic animals? What courses should they take? What are salaries like? How do I connect this student with someone in the field?  

Let us help! We want to be a resource for you!

Contact AMZAP and we will do anything we can to help answer your questions. We would also be happy to engage with your students directly – individually or with groups of students. We can work to set these meetings up in the most appropriate way – virtually or in person.

If you are looking for general pointers about the zoo field to give to students, please visit our Exploring Careers page and the page Is the Zoo Field For You?

We also have a list of Educational Resources that includes scholarships and college programs that can help students prepare for a career in a zoo or aquarium.

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Thanks for submitting your application!

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