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The Association of Minority Zoo & Aquarium Professionals (AMZAP) is comprised of professionals currently working in the zoo industry focused on minority representation in the zoo field. AMZAP considers the zoo industry to include accredited zoos, aquariums, and exotic wildlife facilities such as sanctuaries and wild animal parks. Members represent many zoological disciplines and careers.

AMZAP has two primary objectives:

  • To build a sense of community amongst minorities currently working in the zoo field.

  • To promote animal care and conservation careers as viable options for interested minorities.

To achieve these objectives, AMZAP focuses on four core goals: Networking / Outreach / Mentoring / Professional Development. Scroll down to learn about each of these goals.

For information about the history of AMZAP and professionals of ethnic and racial minority heritage in the zoo field, check out our AMZAP history page. To see our Mission Statement, visit the home page.

About: About Us

Jenn Donato with an Aldabra tortoise.


Networking Outreach

Jorge Moya with a black and white lemur.

Kesha Phares demonstrates goat training to a group of students.


AMZAP strives to develop, reinforce and maintain relationships among zoo professionals of ethnic or racial minority backgrounds. Meet the professionals already in the AMZAP network and if you qualify please apply to join AMZAP.


AMZAP seeks to expose young adults from underrepresented ethnic and racial communities to careers within zoos by introducing them to professionals in a variety of disciplines within the field who look and sound like them. We are constantly looking for opportunities to engage with students and educators, particularly those in the range of 11th grade through undergraduate students who may be seriously considering meaningful career options.

Theresa Wilson - news.jpg
Mentoring Development

Leia Cook (left) with a father and son.

Theresa Wilson (right) from ZooAmerica on the morning news.


AMZAP Network members will gladly provide guidance to any individuals, especially those of ethnic or racial minority heritage, who express an interest in working within the zoo field and want our help. AMZAP's mentorship program places aspiring zoo professionals with current professionals working in the field. Learn more about our mentorship program, review the Network of Minority Members to find a potential mentor, or apply to join AMZAP as an Affiliate member and be matched with a mentor.


AMZAP would like to do everything we can to help our members improve their skills and compete for positions as high up in the zoo world as you wish to move. If you have ever been told or thought that you cannot achieve a certain level in the world of animal care and conservation – talk to us, you may find a colleague who can make you feel differently. You can also join our mentorship program to be matched with a professional in the field that can help you advance your career.


Check out our FAQs page or send us an email.

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