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Are you a high school or undergraduate student giving serious thought to what careers you may be interested in pursuing? Students of racial or ethnic minority heritage often do not think seriously about working in a zoo setting. This is in no small part because you just don’t see a lot of people who look and sound like you working in this field. AMZAP wants you to know that people who look and sound like you are definitely here! We are working all over the zoo doing exciting and fun stuff – and we want you to join us!

Do you love animals or nature in general? Do you like science? If one or both of these are a “yes” for you then you may want to seriously consider working in a zoo, aquarium or exotic wildlife facility. Working in this field does not mean you are restricted to being a zoo keeper or a veterinarian. While those are great careers, there are many Career Paths you can explore. This field is always in need of motivated, hard working, bright young professionals who can help us as we push forward conserving species and environments!

Gianna Ross with a baby goat.

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