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Jordan Veasley



Current position: 

Zookeeper, Marketing and Education Specialist

Current facility:

Cougar Mountain Zoo

Year zoo career began:

Jordan Veasley is a zookeeper, wildlife educator and content creator whose mission is to make it fun to learn about the animal world. His passion for wildlife education and conservation is contagious and he hopes to inspire younger generations to be participants in conserving and repairing the natural world.

Jordan has been caring for animals in zoos since he was just 11 years old. He credits his mother, who saw how passionate he was for wildlife and pushed to create a youth volunteer role for him at his local zoo. Jordan worked his way from youth volunteer, to exhibit attendant, to zookeeper by age 24. He is especially proud that his mother’s push and his hard work ultimately led to the creation of the Zoo Corps program at Woodland Park Zoo.

In 2012, Jordan graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelors of Science, Environmental Science & Resource Management: Wildlife Conservation. With his degree, he has continued to advance his zoo career. Jordan also believes strongly in the power of conservation through education. He formed several YouTube channels over the years and uses social media, podcasts, classrooms and diversity panels to advocate not only for the conservation of wildlife, but also for diverse audiences to get involved in animal care and conservation. Jordan hopes his voice will help inspire more diversity and inclusivity in the animal world.

“If I can inspire just one little kid that looks like me to care about wildlife, then I’ve done my job.”

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