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Kailey Snead


Biracial (African American/ Caucasian)

Current position: 

Rainforest Biologist

Current facility:

Moody Gardens

Year zoo career began:

Kailey is a Rainforest Biologist at Moody Gardens Galveston Island where she focuses on diet and nutrition preparation. She prepares diets for almost all the animals in the rainforest collection and adds special enrichment items to the diets to make them more interesting. Kailey also gets to interact with animals including parrots, tortoises, sloths, and a variety of birds.

Kailey received a Bachelor of Science in Zoology from Texas Tech University in December 2019. While she was in college, Kailey was an intern and later a volunteer at the South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Lubbock, Texas. In 2021, Kailey was hired in her current position. She is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Marine Biology.

Kailey’s favorite part of her job is getting to educate the public about the animals at Moody Gardens and how they are conserved for future generations. Kailey’s advise to aspiring zoo professionals is to take every opportunity you can to get hands on experience! In the future, Kailey hopes to start an outreach program that would bring at-risk minority youth into the field of zoo and aquarium science!

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