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Chandler Sharp


African American

Current position: 

Conservation Interpreter

Current facility:

Dallas Zoo

Year zoo career began:


Chandler Sharp is a Conservation Interpreter at the Dallas Zoo where he talks with guests about the animals they are viewing and discusses practical behaviors they can practice to help wildlife and nature locally and abroad. He has also co-led zoo expeditions to various sites across Texas, created conservation-focused social media posts for the zoo's Facebook and Instagram pages, and educated guests about wildlife and nature using program animals, biofacts, and visual aids. Through all these tasks and methods, Chandler uses conservation messaging to encourage the practice of nature/eco-friendly behaviors among zoo guests and members of local community.

Growing up, Chandler was exposed to different cultures, cities, and wildlife experiences as he traveled with his family. In 2007, Chandler began volunteering at Zoo Atlanta as a teen volunteer where he had various tasks including talking with guests about animals, creating animal enrichment, and performing husbandry tasks for program animals. Chandler has also worked as a husbandry member at the Georgia Sea Turtle Center, where he provided care for sick and injured sea turtles, tortoises, sea birds, and other local wildlife. His other work experiences include being a crew member with American Conservation Experience, through which he did trail work in the Great Smoky Mountains and invasive plant removal at Gettysburg Military Park, and working as an environmental educator at camps in Tybee Island, Georgia and Graford, Texas. Chandler has a bachelor’s degree in Fisheries and Wildlife from the University of Georgia and a Master of Arts degree in Biology from Miami University through Project Dragonfly’s Global Field Program.

Chandler’s advice to aspiring conservation interpreters is to be flexible and open to different opportunities, even if they don’t offer everything you’re looking for. Each of Chandler’s previous positions have provided skills and experiences that he uses in his current position and will be useful in the future. Your career path is rarely a straight line!

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