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Alivia Faison


African American

Current position: 

Guest Services Assistant Manager

Current facility:

Elmwood Park Zoo

Year zoo career began:

Alivia is an African American Guest Services Assistant Manager for the Elmwood Park Zoo. As a guest services assistant manager she assists with ensuring all guests have a quality experience when visiting their zoo. Some of her responsibilities include the training, hiring staff/interns, help planning and setting up for yearly events hosted at the zoo. After graduating from high school, Alivia jumped right into college to study communications. Prior to being an assistant manager, Alivia was a receptionist for an oral surgeon and later was a supervisor at a dog daycare.

Some advice that Alivia has for those aspiring a career in the zoo field would be to research job titles and roles that you can hold in a zoo! She was able to follow this advice first hand. Although she didn’t go to school for animal studies, she was able to research ways for her to get involved in a department that she is able to share her passion of animals with as well as be challenged with new projects and exciting adventures every day!

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