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Eric Turner


African American

Current position: 

Volunteer Engagement Supervisor

Current facility:

Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

Year zoo career began:


Eric is a volunteer engagement supervisor at the Jacksonville Zoo where he is responsible for developing and sustaining volunteer engagement with individuals, communities, and businesses. He ensures coordination for volunteer activities, including volunteer orientation and training. Eric also attended activities that deepen the public’s engagement with the zoo and manages volunteer recognition efforts.

Eric has a Bachelor of Science in Sports Management and an MBA in Communication Management. Before working at the Jacksonville Zoo, Eric was previously the Director of Game Day and Event Operations for the Jacksonville Armada Soccer Team and the Supervisor of Fan Experience for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Eric’s favorite part of is job is interacting with his peers and mentoring tomorrow’s leaders through the zoo’s teen and internship programs. He is a proud advocate of social justice and diversity for his zoo and around his city. Eric’s advise to aspiring zoo professionals is to stay true to yourself, work hard every day, and always keep an open mind.

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