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Corey Romberg


Jewish- Canadian

Current position: 

Training Specialist

Current facility:

Disney's Animal Kingdom

Year zoo career began:


Corey is currently a Training Specialist at Disney's Animal Kingdom. He has presented on numerous panels at the AZA Annual Conferences, serves as the Education Advisor for the Prosimian TAG, and is currently an Education Specialist and Steering Committee Member on Orangutan SAFE. Corey is driven to give back to wildlife and wild places through inspiring others to take conservation action. He gets so much joy and fulfillment in connecting people to animals and nature.

Corey grew up in Canada where he was exposed to nature at a young age. After moving to Arizona in the fifth grade, Corey visited the Phoenix Zoo and thought it was very cool that the instructors were paid to tour kids around the zoo at night and talk about animals. When he grew up, he held a six month internship at Walt Disney World and became a Phoenix Zoo Sleepover Instructor himself. After spending a year and a half at the Phoenix Zoo, Corey moved to Florida where he has held multiple roles in the zoo field. Corey worked at Busch Gardens Tampa as an Orangutan Keeper, Camp Counselor, and Tour Guide, at ZooTampa as an Education Coordinator, at the Central Florida Zoo as an Education Volunteer Manager and Public Relations Spokesperson, and at Disney's The Seas as an Educator.

Corey's many opportunities have come to him from dedication, networking, and mentorship. As a person of Jewish culture/ faith and also an immigrant, Corey is proud to be a part of a network ensuring people of all cultures and backgrounds have ample opportunity to know the right people, be mentored, and get the relevant experience to pursue their own passions in this amazing field.

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