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Casey White



Current position: 

Trainer at Sea Lion & Otter Stadium

Current facility:

SeaWorld Orlando

Year zoo career began:


Casey is a Trainer at the Sea Lion and Otter Stadium at Sea World. Casey has the opportunity to work with California sea lions, Asian small-clawed otters, harbor seals, and a pacific walrus. Part of her daily routines are to clean and maintain their Pacific Point Preserve exhibit with over 100 pinnipeds both seal and sea lion, and create enrichment for the animals in her care. She has the amazing opportunity to work with the currently oldest living walrus, Slowpoke, in human care in the world! Her long term goal is to move from doing the background show roles to all the roles in the show!

Casey is the middle child of 8 siblings who were all raised in Bowie, MD. She graduated Bowie High school in 2013 and then was accepted into Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University (FAMU) studying first Animal Science Pre-Vet and then switched to an Animal Science Industry major, graduating in 2017. During her schooling in 2016, Casey was able to complete an internship at the Indianapolis Zoo working with marine animals, carnivores, and small mammals. She also found herself an internship at Sea Life Park Hawaii where she was able to work with a Pacific and Atlantic bottlenose dolphin, Humboldt penguins, pinnipeds, and a Hawaiian monk seal named Lambchop. She even had the opportunity to narrate the dolphin shows!

Before beginning in an animal field, Casey worked at Rita’s Italian ice in her hometown. One of her role models growing up was her grandfather who pushed her to apply and attend FAMU as well as being one of her biggest supporters in becoming a trainer and pursuing her dreams. Although Casey says it has been a crazy journey getting where she is today, it has been worth it! She shares to make sure you are climbing the ladder and gaining experiences for you and do what will make you happy and excited to wake up every day.

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