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Rosalio Rubio, Jr.


Mexican-American (Chicano)

Current position: 

Curator of Education

Current facility:

Los Angeles Zoo

Year zoo career began:


Rosalio Rubio, Jr., is the Curator of Education for the Learning and Engagement Department at the Los Angeles Zoo. Rosalio was born and raised in south central Los Angeles a mile from the epicenter of the 1992 riots. He was lucky enough to go to a performing arts high school which led him to pursue theater and cinema production at the University of Southern California. While in college, Rosalio found that teaching and helping students gave him a sense of purpose.

After graduating from college, Rosalio taught art, music, and theater. In 2007, after working as a teacher for ten years, Rosalio discovered informal education when he began working at the Los Angeles Zoo’s zoo camp during the summer. In 2017, Rosalio transitioned to working at the zoo. He is passionate about supporting the community he grew up in.

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