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Marcel Lammey



Current position: 

Educator Guide

Current facility:

San Diego Zoo

Year zoo career began:

Marcel Lammey is an educator guide at the San Diego Zoo. Marcel was born and raised in San Diego, and while in high school he participated in the San Diego Zoo’s Zoo Corps volunteer program. He was a member for three and a half years, and during that time he was able to present conservation related material and messages to zoo guests and assist in some conservation projects, including habitat restoration for the cactus wren. While in high school, Marcel also participated in the San Diego Zoo’s Internquest program, during which he spent seven weeks shadowing a variety of zoo professionals to explore different careers.

After graduating from high school, Marcel attended Humboldt State University to study Wildlife Management and Conservation. Marcel volunteered as a field technician for a bobcat study and worked seasonally at the San Diego Zoo as a program aide with the education department and as an animal care intern in the Children’s Zoo. After earning his degree, Marcel spent nine weeks working with AmeriCorps and the U.S. Forest Service to remove invasive tree species, construct trails, and complete other conservation related activities. Marcel was then hired on at Project Wildlife, a wildlife rehabilitation center, where he worked for two years before being hired into his current position at the San Diego Zoo. Marcel continues to work at Project Wildlife while working as an educator guide.

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