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Isabella Linares


Puerto Rican

Current position: 

Marketing Manager

Current facility:

Oakland Zoo

Year zoo career began:


Isabella Linares works at the Oakland Zoo as a Marketing Associate and is a part of the zoo's Social Media Team. Isabella is responsible for helping create exciting ways to bring the zoo to visitors and beyond. She addresses important topics in an engaging manner. Isabella also coordinates with press who visit the zoo or that want to feature stories on their broadcast or printed media.

Isabella’s love for the ocean and science comes from her cultural background- her earliest memories of Puerto Rico include going with family to the beaches and getting lost staring into the sea. Isabella grew up in South San Francisco and developed a love for science in high school, where she realized that she wanted to combine her passion for science with the fascinating world of communications. As a result, Isabella attended Humboldt State University and earned a Bachelor of Science focused in Marine Biology with a minor in Fisheries and a minor in Communications. While in college, Isabella worked as an Animal Care Intern at the Oakland Zoo as well as a cashier. After graduating, she was hired in her current position.

Isabella is strongly influenced by her family and her ethnic background. She takes pride in the island that raised her parents, which gave her the roots of her perseverance and the unshakable determination to achieve anything she sets her mind to.

Her favorite part of her job is telling stories in a fun way on social media to engage the zoo’s followers. She believes that you can’t expect anyone to respect anything you love without drawing them into the interesting parts of that world. For aspiring professionals, Isabella recommends that you diversify your resume! Apply even if a job seems like a long shot. Your determination is an asset and employees will value your drive.

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