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McKenna Nischke



Current position: 

Digital Communications Specialist

Current facility:

Phoenix Zoo

Year zoo career began:


After starting her zoo career in 2018, McKenna is now currently working for the Phoenix Zoo as a Digital Communications Specialist. On a daily basis, you can find McKenna taking photos of animals, managing various social media platforms, and filming with the zoo keeper!

McKenna grew up loving animals. She always had a companion in her home whether it be a dog or cat, to a bearded dragon or fish. She knew from an early age that no matter where life took her, it would have to do something supporting animals. In high school she took as many science courses and she could but also found a passion for writing. Before beginning her career at the Phoenix Zoo, she was a paid intern at the Milwaukee Zoo in the public relations department in 2018.

McKenna loves the creativity of her job! Every day is different whether she is filming a Facebook live or filming a rhino getting a bath. She thinks people would be surprised about the access she has to keepers and animals. When people think of working at a zoo or aquarium, they think of being a zoo keeper, but she gets to interact and learn with the keepers and animals and share their stories through social media. Her advice to others would be to go for multiple internships if you are able as these are people who will assist you in getting work in the field you want after school!

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