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Frances Ngo


Biracial (Mexican/ Chinese)

Current position: 

Conservation Outreach Biologist

Current facility:

Tracy Aviary & Botanical Gardens

Year zoo career began:

Frances Ngo works as a Conservation Outreach Biologist at the Tracy Aviary & Botanical Gardens. In this position, Frances is designing bilingual community science and outreach projects, coordinating volunteers, and conducting hands-on avian research. She works in the field for a variety of conservation department projects including: Breeding Season Surveys, Owl/Songbird Nest Box monitoring, and the UT Rosy-finch project. She is also in charge of partnerships to expand access for BIPOC communities and audiences.

Frances is a first generation college graduate who has always been enamored by wildlife! She spent most of her childhood reading animal encyclopedias at the library and would tell anyone who would listen how to identify House Sparrows and Rock Pigeons. When she began volunteering at the L.A. Zoo as a high schooler, she realized that there were careers in wildlife biology/zoology. She earned her B.S. in Zoology with a Painting minor and completed multiple ecology internships before her position with the Tracy Aviary.

Her favorite part of the job is connecting with local community and conservation partners. Most people would be surprised at the variety of projects that she is a part of, ranging from biological fieldwork to cultural outreach events!

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