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Kara Moss


African American

Current position: 

Animal Keeper, Mammals

Current facility:

Caldwell Zoo

Year zoo career began:


Kara Moss is a Senior Mammals Keeper at the Caldwell Zoo where she oversees the care of African elephants, cheetahs, black rhinoceros, and reticulated giraffe. Her daily tasks include feeding the animals, cleaning enclosures, and animal training. Kara’s favorite part of her day is training animals and building a relationship with them. Cheetahs have always been her favorite animal because they are so unique.

Kara spent her childhood wanting to work with animals and held many volunteer opportunities to gain experiences with different species. In her free time, she volunteered at an equestrian center, a veterinary clinic, and all sorts of animal shelters. After graduating from high school, Kara attended Berry College in Georgia where she majored in animal science and worked locally with cattle at a dairy. Near the end of her time in college, Kara interned at the Marine Mammal Care Center in San Pedro, California, a place that rehabilitates sick and injured pinnipeds. At that point, Kara realized that she didn’t have to limit her career options to only domestic animals. Once she graduated with her degree, Kara interned at the Caldwell Zoo. When her internship ended, she began her current position.

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