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Chris Corpus



Current position: 

Conservation Programs Manager

Current facility:

Dallas Zoo

Year zoo career began:

Chris Corpus (he/him) is the Conservation Programs Manager at the Dallas Zoo. His career began in journalism and filmmaking, before moving into SciComm and social science related to conservation. Within the zoo and aquarium world, he has served many roles, including as an educator, a zookeeper, an aquarist, a documentary filmmaker, and a conservation biologist.

The son of mixed-race parents who have both recent and distant family stories of immigration, he grew up with a deep desire to understand his place in the world, to identify what community he was a part of, and what his role would be in creating a better world. Chris says his passion in conservation is connecting communities, in order to meet the needs of the communities, which in turn facilitates the conservation of nature.

“We have to remember that people are a part of the ecosystem, so as we help people, we help the ecosystem.”

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