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Shana Long


African American

Current position: 

Education Department Guest Engagement Team Lead

Current facility:

Memphis Zoo

Year zoo career began:


Shana is the Guest Engagement Team Lead at Memphis Zoo where her job is to train the exhibit guide staff in interpretation, guest service, and animal presentation. The exhibit guide team is responsible for teaching guests about the animal collection and guiding them through close animal encounters. This includes the giraffe feeding deck, the sea lion show, animal chats and the open kangaroo exhibit.

Shana has a B.S. in Business IT Management from Western Governors University, a professional certificate in Project management from COMP T.I.A. and a professional certificate in Veterinary Assistance from Southwest Community College. Prior to her current position, Shana was an exhibit guide and zoo camp instructor for about a year.

The best part of Shana’s job is helping people learn about native and exotic wildlife. She loves making a difference in people’s lives by inspiring them to make positive changes, even if It can be very physically and mentally challenging, sometimes walking up to 20 miles a day. Shana advises to find a balance between what you’re passionate about and being able to provide for yourself, even if it takes hard work. Do whatever you need to do to get where you want to be.

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