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Holly Hunt


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Current position: 


Current facility:

African Safari Wildlife Park

Year zoo career began:

Holly Hunt is the President of the International Animal Exchange (IAE) and the African Safari Wildlife Park (ASWP) and is vice-chair of the Zoological Association of America (ZAA). She is the second-generation leader of IAE and ASWP, which were both founded by her father, Brian Hunt, and his brothers in 1960 and 1969, respectively. In over 30 years with IAE, Holly has traveled the globe accompanying animals on shipments both domestically and internationally.

Holly regularly consults with zoos, regulators and scientists worldwide on improving animal safety during transport. She also has worked closely with government agencies around the world to establish dialog that promotes global conservation initiatives through compromise, cooperation and best practices.
As President of IAE, Holly oversees the day-to-day operations of the organization and coordinates the domestic and international relocation of animals. She ensures compliance with governing agencies, including but not limited to USDA, USDI, DOT, Agriculture Canada, EU authorities, DEFRA, Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) and NMFS.

She earned her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Hillsdale College and her MBA from the University of Detroit. Holly continues to learn, furthering her professional training through numerous continuing education programs. She is passionate about conservation initiatives that embrace a practical approach. The Hunt family runs the Guardian of Wildlife 501(c)3 that raises money for conservation programs. She also mentors interns and presents as guest speaker for classes at Michigan State University.

Holly is the proud mother of two daughters; Elizabeth is involved in the family business, and Stephanie is a 3rd grade teacher. Holly’s favorite animal is the giraffe.

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