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Megan Draper



Current position: 

Wild Animal Keeper

Current facility:

Bronx Zoo

Year zoo career began:

Megan is an Animal Keeper at the Bronx Zoo where she has the opportunity to work for a wide variety of animals. Her daily work includes feeding, cleaning habitats, and providing enrichment opportunities for the animals under her care. Before becoming an animal keeper, Megan had various unpaid internships at zoos like the Philadelphia Zoo and Elmwood Park Zoo.

Before beginning her career in 2014, Megan earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Penn State, Brandywine campus. She also earned her Master of Research in Primate Biology and Conservation from the University of Roehampton in London, United Kingdom. Megan has also had the privilege of working as a research assistant for the Tai Chimpanzee Project in Tai National Park, Cote d’lvoire before becoming a zookeeper!

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