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Dionne Hollins


African American

Current position: 

Manager, Workforce Development

Current facility:

Saint Louis Zoo

Year zoo career began:


Dionne Hollins is a manager of workforce development at the Saint Louis Zoo where she is responsible for helping the zoo’s employees grow and develop by providing learning opportunities on topics such as communication, leadership, and coaching. Dionne occasionally facilitates training sessions for staff and at other times consults with external vendors on which training programs will meet the needs of the organization. She also manages the new hire orientation program which allows her to meet every new employee that joins the Saint Louis Zoo. Dionne is also involved in planning exciting employee appreciation events and meets one on one with employees to discuss their development goals. She helps the zoo’s employees become the best version of themselves so they can take care of the animals and guests.

Dionne received a bachelor’s degree in management from Webster University and a coaching certificate from the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches. She holds several training certifications including Ken Blanchard’s Situational Self Leadership and Cylient’s Coaching & Feedback in the Moment. Before joining the Saint Louis Zoo, Dionne spent over two decades working in the financial services industry. She spent 8 years as a financial advisor helping clients reach their investment goals and 14 years in Learning & Development helping leaders identify their strengths and develop their skills. Dionne is also a Registered Corporate Coach and has many years of experience coaching leaders.

Dionne’s favorite part of her job is being in the classroom facilitating courses. She loves teaching someone a new concept that can be applied to their role. She also enjoys helping each new employee understand how their role connects to the mission of the zoo. For those that have an interest in workforce development, Dionne advises you to develop your communication and facilitation skills. She also recommends that individuals interested in this field have a strong working knowledge of various adult learning theories.

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