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Bailey Dawson



Current position: 

Senior Manager of Education Programs and Operations

Current facility:

Georgia Aquarium

Year zoo career began:


Bailey H. Dawson, Jr. currently serves as the Manager of Education Programs at Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia. Bailey brings with him over 12 years of educational experience in formal and informal institutions. Prior to becoming the Education Manager, Bailey also served as the Curriculum Specialist for Education Programs at Georgia Aquarium.

Bailey joined the Aquarium Team in 2019 after serving 10 years with the Georgia Public School System. He spent his entire 10-year career in the school system teaching and supporting students in Title 1 schools. Bailey served the school system in many capacities including teacher, mentor, coaching, as well as leadership. Bailey had educational experiences that span the entire K-12 platform and includes all subject areas. Bailey currently serves as the Chairman of the School Governance Team at Dobbs Elementary in Atlanta, Georgia.

Bailey has been intricate in transforming Georgia Aquarium’s Educational Curriculum. He has worked tirelessly to align Georgia Aquarium’s Education Programs with National and State Standards. During his time at Georgia Aquarium, Bailey has been able to revitalize the department’s Educational Outreach Program which includes Georgia Aquarium’s new Education Outreach Traveling RV. Bailey was instrumental in establishing Georgia Aquarium’s first fully independent Education Vitural Academy. He has maintained a focus on providing the opportunity to explore STEM and STEAM based careers to youth in underrepresented communities, such as minority females, through the use of STEAM-related camps at Georgia Aquarium. With that focus, Bailey’s Education Department was able to obtain accreditation from Cognia as the 1st STEM Certified Aquarium in the world.

Over the past years, Bailey has worked as a member of the NWEA Divisity, Equity, and Inclusion ad hoc Committee. He has collobarated with his fellow committee members to draft the initial Mission, Goals, and Action Plan of the DEI committee. Bailey also serves on the Board of Director for National Marine Educators Assosciation. Bailey is a native of Selma, Alabama. He enjoys watching sports, traveling, and spending time with his wife Ravelle and daughters Kennedy and Laila. He graduated from Alabama State University with a Bachelor of Science in Health Education. Bailey later went on to earn his Masters of Education in Instructional Technology and Ed.S in Educational Leadership both from Kennesaw State University.

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