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Staci Otero



Current position: 

Personnel Manager

Current facility:

Zoo Miami

Year zoo career began:


Staci Otero is the Zoo Personnel Manager at Zoo Miami, where she oversees all of the HR functions that take place on a daily basis. Her responsibilities include recruitment, payroll, benefits, training, development, and discipline.

Staci was born and raised in Miami, Florida, and always wanted to work at the zoo as she has always had a love and passion for exotic animals. Staci graduated with a bachelor’s degree in administration with a major in human resources. She worked in a few law firms and was an assistant manager at an L. A. Fitness before working for Miami-Dade County Parks Department in 2004 as a Personnel Specialist. After a couple of years, Staci was promoted to work in Central Human Resources for Miami Dade County and continue to climb the ladder. Eventually, Staci decided to come back home to the Parks Department and became the Personnel Manager at Zoo Miami in 2011.

Staci loves supporting and implementing changes and being involved in creating new, progressive ways to make the zoo better as a whole. On “hard” days, Staci remembers why she chose her career and lets that be her foundation. She also gets to walk outside when she needs a break and see some amazing animals! Staci’s favorite animal is the sloth, because they are so lazy and she envies their nonchalant attitude.

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