Christopher Connor



Current position: 

Program Coordinator, W. I. L. D.

Current facility:

Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

Year zoo career began:

While having an innate passion for wildlife, Christopher Conner’s talent has consistently led him down various paths of education and community advocacy. Christopher has served in several different capacities around the country from pre and high school teacher to zookeeper and personal trainer for Apple. In 2012, Christopher ventured into conservation education and began a campaign to reimagine the face of environmental education, champion cultural representation and social equity. Currently, Chris co-leads the award-winning W.I.L.D Program, which is an innovative approach to youth engagement, literacy, community advocacy, and cultural representation and inclusion. Working together over the past 5 years, the African American and Hispanic teens involved have amassed over a half million dollars in college scholarships, gained global recognition for their work in community advocacy and environmental science and led the program to new award-winning heights like earning the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) 2017 Significant Achievement in Diversity Award, 2 North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) 30 Under 30 Global Awards and a Jax Teen Champion Award for WILD Success. Chris is an unapologetically proud HBCU, Tougaloo College, Grad for his undergraduate degree.