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Manny Alvarez



Current position: 

Security Coordinator

Current facility:

Denver Zoo

Year zoo career began:


Manny Alvarez is the Security Coordinator for the Denver Zoo where he oversees the security team on a day to day basis. His job requires him to work with all the teams on zoo grounds, from zookeepers to the veterinary staff to maintenance and concessions. Manny teaches CPR and first aid to the majority of staff members, maintains security technologies like cameras, access points, and keys, and hires and trains new security team members. Manny also assists with Spanish translations with guests and staff.

Manny graduated from high school in 1993 before spending 20 years in retail management focused on loss prevention. Manny has also spent 16 years as a bartender and in bar management with a focus on security. Manny loves any animal interactions he gets in his job. He recommends that aspiring security professionals pay attention, never stop learning, and have confidence in themselves. You make a difference!

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