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Bryan Jeung


Biracial (Chinese/ White)

Current position: 


Current facility:

Happy Hollow Park & Zoo

Year zoo career began:

Bryan Jeung is an Animal Keeper at the Happy Hollow Park & Zoo where he works with giant anteaters, red-ruffed lemurs, eclectus parrots, and guinea pigs in the Woods section. Bryan and his fellow keepers are responsible for everything ranging from cleaning the night houses to making new enrichment for the animals. A unique feature of the Woods section of Happy Hollow is the open-air exhibit for the parrots and guinea pigs. There, Bryan is able to mist the parrots frequently and rearrange guinea pig housing easily.

Bryan grew up in the town of San Bruno, a suburb of San Francisco, CA. He began volunteering at CuriOdyssey Science Museum where he gave live-animal presentations. He attended UC Davis majoring in Wildlife, Fish, & Conservation Biology and later entered a master program at CSU East Bay to study Oakland Zoo’s captive-rearing and reintroduction programs. During college, he gained experience with raptor rehabilitation, dairy cattle production, carriage horse riding, pig research, and primate center research. While in graduate school, he completed an internship at the Oakland Zoo in the African savanna before being hired at his current institution and position.

Bryan’s favorite part of his job is talking to visitors about species that they may not understand. He loves interacting with people who want to learn about less charismatic species and how they can help these animals in their native habitats. His favorite part of working at Happy Hollow Park & Zoo is watching the running of the goats. His favorite animal is the elephant, but he’s got a lot of close seconds!

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