Jonathan Gage


Alaskan Native

Current position: 

Security Manager

Current facility:

Alaska SeaLife Center

Year zoo career began:


Jonathan Gage is a Security Manager at the Alaska SeaLife Center where he oversees the Security and Custodial departments. Some of his daily tasks include providing safety training for staff - varying from first aid, fire extinguishers, and emergency procedures - as well as issuing keys, managing our vehicle fleet, accepting deliveries, placing orders, monitoring security, building systems and animals. One of Jonathan’s goals is to ensure that the SeaLife Center provides quality and relevant training for staff. His unique position allows him to interact with all aspects of the organization including staff, visitors, volunteers, board members, and other key community stakeholders.

Jonathan grew up in Seward, Alaska, where he was adopted at a young age and has 8 siblings. Jonathan has received several certifications including State of Alaska Firefighter I, Firefighter II, Fire Officer I, EMT-basic, Fire Service Instructor I and many other accredited certifications through the fire department. Jonathan worked for a private security company providing armed security for an Air Force station in Alaska for two years. He has also volunteered for the local fire department for 25 years as a captain, EMT-basic and safety officer, and has served as the department’s training officer.

Jonathan’s favorite part of his job is being able to help out where he can with staff and visitors. His favorite animal is the Giant Pacific Octopus, because they are very intelligent, inquisitive of their environment, capable of moving in and out of small spaces, and can change the pigmentation of their skin into a variety of patterns. For aspiring security professionals, Jonathan would advise you to be comfortable asking questions and to understand that everyone starts at an entry level at some point. Maintain your composure during stressful situations, which will help not only yourself but others involved.