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Tiffaney McClendon



Current position: 

Membership & Group Sales Manager

Current facility:

Birmingham Zoo

Year zoo career began:


Tiffaney McClendon is the Membership and Group Sales Manager at the Birmingham Zoo, where she manages the marketing, budgeting, sales, and team members of the Membership and Group Sales departments. Tiffaney is responsible for meeting sales goals for both of these departments and finding creative ways to serve people and get them connected to the zoo, whether that’s as a member who visits again and again or as a one-time visitor.

Tiffaney joined the work force early and held various jobs in office and retail settings throughout middle school and high school. Following graduation in 1999, she held positions in many different fields such as administration, customer service, banking, and hospitality. These experiences gave Tiffaney a wide range of skills and expertise that she can now use to help people connect to the zoo, become educated about animals, and be inspired to conserve the natural world. Her first opportunity to work at the zoo came as a temporary cashier position. Tiffaney was fortunate enough to join the team and work towards her current position.

Tiffaney’s favorite part of her job is being creative. She’s able to stretch her creative muscles in developing marketing strategies and materials, creating and leading training, and using creative problem solving to offer exceptional customer service to members and guests. To others who are interested in a similar career, Tiffaney would like to remind them that there are lots of different things that need to be done at a zoo, from working with animals to cleaning facilities to punching numbers to working up front with people. There isn’t just one way to be part of the zoo team and there isn’t just one profession that’s needed. Your unique skills may be just what is necessary to help move conservation forward.

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